Junk Yard Boys

The Junk Yard Boys
A collection of 100 NFTs created by Boyishmind.
iv created a world with in a junk yard that is home to 100 Junk Yard Boys who spend their days searching for treasures with the endless piles of garbage.
These misfits have formed into a chaotic gang who don’t see eye to eye and often bump heads but consider themselves family and pride themselves on their treasure hunting abilities. 

  • Stage one is to release the 1st collection of the original 100 residence of The Junk Yard, each with their own unique style and personalities.
  • Stage two is observe how these 100 misfits do out there and and hope each one of them is able to find a little place to call home. 
  • Stage three is the introduction of a new collection which will form the next chapter in this story, bringing new characters and new adventures! 
  • Stage four is another collection of 50 characters, which continue the story of the junk yard saga!
  • Stage five is the final collection of 100 in the story line for the original 100 Junk Yard Boys, however it is not the end of the Junk Yard itself…
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